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New Branding for Ryerson University

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RyHiNew branding for Ryerson University was announced today. From the looks of their press release and the accompanying links to the university website, this was a very involved process with wide consultation.

In our experience, branding is pivotal to the identity and promotion of a college or university. However, changing an institution’s identity, “is as complicated as moving a cemetery.” The ideal situation is the establishment of a small, select committee, with both responsibility and authority. We have seen re-branding projects ruined by over-involvement, excessive consulting and broad-reaching attempts at democracy.

Bruce Mau Design gets credit for the project. Hope they are Ryerson grads!



Niagara Images by Doug Geddie

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NFalls 1 of 1Valley 1 of 1








A new federal building housing the RCMP, the Canadian Border Agency, the Department of National Defense, the US Coast Guard and others who maintain security on the Great Lakes has been built and opened in Niagara.

For the artwork in the building, the RCMP commissioned ten of our images of Niagara, that are printed on 48″ x 108″ canvases. The result is dramatic and exciting. We worked for a two year period with the RCMP in the selection of the images that were worked into the building design and positioned by the building architects.

All of the images are very high-resolution files taken over the past several years throughout Niagara.

Unfortunately, the building is very secure and access is limited. The general public will never see these walls. However, the feedback from those who work in the building is very positive.



Say Hello to the new Curling Canada

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CC_01_EmblemThe Canadian Curling Association is now Curling Canada, and they have a wonderful new brand and identity done for them by the Hulse&Durrell agency.
There is a lovely introduction to the branding program at this website.



We Lose a Friend and a Trusted Colleague

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It is with considerable sadness that we report the sudden and untimely death of Arthur Stephen on Saturday, January 10.

Arthur had a lifetime career at Wilfrid Laurier University, beginning in the Registrar’s Office 40 years ago and retiring as Vice-President, Advancement.

In his retiring years he joined Geddie Advertising as Head of Consulting, and worked on several of our university consulting projects.

Arthur was more than a colleague, he was a life-time friend, and together we had parallel careers in university advancement. He was also a competitive golf partner and travel companion.

Arthur will be remembered most for his love of statistics. He had a profound impact on the Maclean’s rankings and lobbied successfully, when they were first released in 1990, to have them more fairly categorize the Canadian universities into three distinct categories.

In later years he worked with many universities to help them better understand their applications statistics.

His kind and gentle manner, delightful wit, and insightful analysis will be missed by his many friends and colleagues.


Doug Geddie



Happy New Year 2015

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From all of the team at Geddie Advertising, to all our clients, suppliers and friends, we say thank you for the opportunities we had in 2014 and may 2015 continue to be fun, profitable and productive.



Improved Image

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SCG&CC Staff

The wait-staff and a sous-chef prepare and present a buffet for a special function at The Club.

Handing out black and white photocopies of menus isn’t a very good way to encourage banquet sales and rentals. We’re working on a new series of banquet brochures for a private club, and what better way to show the professionalism of the facility than through new photographs of the staff and the facilities? Great photos are just one component of a well designed brochure, but one that is oh-so-necessary.



Fall Colours

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Fall colours on a cold, over-cast day with intermittent streaks of sunlight, can create a remarkable landscape photo on a wonderful golf hole.



Isaac Brock Wants You to the Archives

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David Sharron, Brock Archivist and Doug Geddie hold the original artwork used in the Isaac Brock Wants You recruitment campaign.

David Sharron, Brock Archivist and Doug Geddie hold the original artwork used in the Isaac Brock Wants You recruitment campaign.

The Isaac Brock Wants You campaign of the late 1970’s was an attempt to add personality and history to a young Ontario university. It was a fun and aggressive promotion that helped position Brock as a viable educational choice.

We kept much of the original artwork from that campaign, and as Brock is entering it’s 5oth Anniversary year, it seemed like an appropriate time to donate Isaac and his friends to the Brock University Archives.

The whole story about the donation and the development of the “Isaac Brock Wants You” campaign can be found on the Brock University News site, here.



Right Where I Belong

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Congratulations to the Advancement Team at Nipissing for the work they have just finished for the design of their 2014 Student Guide.

Geddie Advertising had the opportunity of working with Nipissing and making several suggestions about the redesign of these recruitment materials. Our work began with a review and report of the marketing and recruitment activities at Nipissing and this Student Guide is one of the first pieces in the revised package of marketing materials. Nipissing, located in North Bay, has the advantage of a smaller campus combined with an outstanding reputation for academic excellence. The more personal nature of the Nipissing experience was captured with the Right were I belong slogan and the series of “selfie” images.

The challenge now will be for the university to target the areas of Ontario where they know they can attract students who are looking for the Nipissing advantage. We helped Nipissing identify their application and enrolment statistics to better target these recruitment activities.