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New Identity

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Happy to have the opportunity of working with the Ontario Farm Fresh Marketing Association, a group of farmers who open their gates to the public.

As they simplified their name to Farm Fresh Ontario, we simplified their image with a new logo. By taking two Fs, one facing right and one left, we were able to morph the letters into leaves, signifying the fresh produce on the farm.

A good logo should work in both positive and reverse, and we also added a palette of possible colours to show the logo in various seasons.

Acceptance of the new logo has been overwhelming and we used it as a cornerstone to building them a new website,

Geddie Photography also got involved in capturing new images to the new site and collateral brochures promoting Farm Fresh Ontario.



Video Clips

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Commercial Digital Print ordered a new, large-format colour printer. The largest, newest and most-featured press of its kind in Niagara. This called for some fanfare, so we produced a brief video to post to social media and their website. 

The one minute video tells the story far better than any press-release or social media post. 

Quickly shot, quickly edited and produced, and promptly published. We can help you with your video post.



Christmas Gift Prints

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A photo of his/her favorite golf hole on their favorite course can be a wonderful gift.

Photo prints have improved hugely in recent years. Today we can print on canvas, Lexan, metal, and of course, paper. The results are surprising, contemporary and exciting.

If you’re in the Niagara area we have wonderful photos of Lookout Point Country Club, St Catharines Golf & Country Club, and Mississaugua Golf & Country Club.

Contact us to discuss the possibilities of a photo print for gift giving.



Location Photography

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We recently completed a new website for our client, Commercial Digital Print. They specialize in very large format printing – for signs, wrapping a truck, or papering a store front.

For one of their clients, CAA, Commercial completed all the store-front and interior graphics for their new location in Welland.

We’re happy to help you capture outstanding photos of your business. You can always check out our separate website for GeddiePhoto for a complete portfolio and a look at our range of services.



Staff Portraits

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We do plenty of portraits – for annual reports, website, corporate brochures and any other reason.

We have a separate website, that outlines all of our services and provides a portfolio of our work.

We have a portable studio that can come to your workplace to make it easier to capture photos of all your staff or executives.



Merry Christmas

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As the year slides to a close, we want to thank all our friends, suppliers and clients for another great year. It continues to be fun working on your projects.

Communicating our clients’ needs and making them stand out among all the noise with clarity and distinction continues to be what motivates us.

May you all enjoy the holiday time with family and friends and we look forward to working with you in 2019.



On Location

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Having great photos of your business can really improve the quality of your corporate brochure or website.

Wether you’re making stairs, like Dekker Stairs in the photo above, or processing claims, or shipping bananas, environmental on-location photos can do a lot to establish who you are and what you do.

On location is sometimes the best place for corporate photos. If you make stairs, like Steve Dekker, where better to take your corporate photo than beside the construction of a custom set of stairs?




Mississaugua Golf & Country Club

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Geddie Photo has done considerable photography in and around the magnificent Mississaugua Golf & Country Club to provide a library of photos for their publications, social media and a new website.

We have considerable experience photographing golf courses, and it’s a photo assignment that requires careful timing along with an understanding of golf course design.



Spring on the Golf Course

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Once the Master’s Golf Tournament arrives in April, golfers get itchy to start another season of playing. Waiting for the course to open and playing on frigid days are all part of the Canadian golfer’s spring tradition. As the grass grows and the buds appear on the trees, the courses come out of their dormancy and begin to regain their splendour.  The photo above is #1 at St. Catharines Golf & Country Club. It was taken as the sun peaked over the horizon and began to illuminate the over-cast clouds. This is a lovely photo of a golf course in April, but it will never be printed because the bunker in the foreground is full of foot-prints, taking away from the pristine nature of the course. Golf course photography is what we do – can we do it for you? You can see a full range of our photography at our Geddie Photography website.



Moments in Time

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burgoynearchThere’s a major municipal construction project underway in my neighbourhood. Lots of traffic delays, and strange noises during the night. A hundred-year-old bridge is being replaced and the new pieces are going up while the old pieces are coming down. It’s a game of dominos to keep the traffic moving while the construction continues.

We’re into the final stages that involve the erection of a massive arch to suspend the bridge over a major highway and a wide creek. Temporary structures are holding the bridge while the arch is built, piece by piece during the night with the roadways temporarily closed.

I wanted a photo of the bridge to convey the grandeur of the project. Finding the correct vantage point was the challenge and I thought about it over several weeks. As a morning runner, I explore the streets of our town as I plod around on my workouts. Finally, I realized where a path I knew might put me and my camera into the correct position.

So here’s the shot. I think the vantage point is perfect, and so was my timing. I was setting up at sunset, just before the road closures as the crane was moving into position to swing another piece of the arch into position.

One of my photographer friends says, “Photography is all about chasing the light.” He’s correct, but the chase often results in the discovery of a unique perspective.