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Winter Wonder

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Golf course photography isn’t nearly as much fun in the winter, but it’s easier to capture sunrise photos because the sun doesn’t appear until so much later. Even then there’s a tranquil beauty in such a special place.

Shooting in the winter, with the cold blue light that comes with sub-zero temperatures and snow, combined with the golden glow at sunrise, presents a whole new palette of colours.



Colour Correction – The Search for the Holy Grail

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Terri Weeks, Brock University Varsity Women’s Curling Team, and enthusiastic curling instructor.

We’ve been struggling with getting colour correct in some pretty ugly shooting environments – arenas that are lit with sodium vapour, or fluorescent or some other synthetic, albeit efficient light source.

Yeah, sure, the camera has colour white balance settings, but even then we find ourselves fiddling with the white balance on every single selected photo in post.  Surely there’s a better way? After reading a lot of on-line resources about white balance, grey cards, and other scary exotica from the world of colour correction, we came upon the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport. This lovely little plastic folder and software CD provides a grey-scale and a colour target to shoot on location, and a Lightroom plug-in to read your colour spectrum from the location photo that you capture prior to your shoot.

We tried it on a photo shoot with the Brock curling clinic last weekend and the above photo of Terri is corrected with X-rite. Believe me, everything has gone from overall yellow to something resembling correct skin tone. Shooting in an ice arena is horrible enough with all the light bouncing off the white ice surface. Easy over exposure. And the red everything in the Brock uniforms creates another challenge. But I think this looks good – the whites are white and the skin tone, hair colour and splash of freckles looks pretty good to me.

But then, who knows what monitor you might be viewing this on? The challenge never ends.



Happy New Year

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The Inner Lighthouse at Port Dalhousie on a wonderful winter day when a huge storm brewed on Lake Ontario while the sun shone on the harbour.

We wish sunny days to all our clients, suppliers and friends as we head into a new year.



Team Photos

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BrockFreshmenCurlers 1 of 1 (1)

We photographed all the players and coaches individually and then the team groupings from the Brock Badger curling teams. We were able to create a studio on-site, and with some portable strobes and some great backdrops brought the, “Mountain to Mohammed” by shooting everything at the curling club.

The players were great models, more than willing to try any setup. Cooperative participants sure makes photo shoots a lot more fun. Teams that look this good are natural winners, right?



The Beauty of Niagara

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Sulphur Springs 1 of 1

There are a few country roads, just outside of the city, that are little more than laneways. This road, meandering along beside a stream in Short Hills park has always captured my attention on bike rides. It was an overcast day when we took this photo, but the darker light only intensified the colours and added a moodiness to the scene. We’ll quickly add this photo to our other Images of Niagara.




New Branding for Ryerson University

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RyHiNew branding for Ryerson University was announced today. From the looks of their press release and the accompanying links to the university website, this was a very involved process with wide consultation.

In our experience, branding is pivotal to the identity and promotion of a college or university. However, changing an institution’s identity, “is as complicated as moving a cemetery.” The ideal situation is the establishment of a small, select committee, with both responsibility and authority. We have seen re-branding projects ruined by over-involvement, excessive consulting and broad-reaching attempts at democracy.

Bruce Mau Design gets credit for the project. Hope they are Ryerson grads!



Niagara Images by Doug Geddie

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NFalls 1 of 1Valley 1 of 1








A new federal building housing the RCMP, the Canadian Border Agency, the Department of National Defense, the US Coast Guard and others who maintain security on the Great Lakes has been built and opened in Niagara.

For the artwork in the building, the RCMP commissioned ten of our images of Niagara, that are printed on 48″ x 108″ canvases. The result is dramatic and exciting. We worked for a two year period with the RCMP in the selection of the images that were worked into the building design and positioned by the building architects.

All of the images are very high-resolution files taken over the past several years throughout Niagara.

Unfortunately, the building is very secure and access is limited. The general public will never see these walls. However, the feedback from those who work in the building is very positive.



Say Hello to the new Curling Canada

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CC_01_EmblemThe Canadian Curling Association is now Curling Canada, and they have a wonderful new brand and identity done for them by the Hulse&Durrell agency.
There is a lovely introduction to the branding program at this website.



We Lose a Friend and a Trusted Colleague

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It is with considerable sadness that we report the sudden and untimely death of Arthur Stephen on Saturday, January 10.

Arthur had a lifetime career at Wilfrid Laurier University, beginning in the Registrar’s Office 40 years ago and retiring as Vice-President, Advancement.

In his retiring years he joined Geddie Advertising as Head of Consulting, and worked on several of our university consulting projects.

Arthur was more than a colleague, he was a life-time friend, and together we had parallel careers in university advancement. He was also a competitive golf partner and travel companion.

Arthur will be remembered most for his love of statistics. He had a profound impact on the Maclean’s rankings and lobbied successfully, when they were first released in 1990, to have them more fairly categorize the Canadian universities into three distinct categories.

In later years he worked with many universities to help them better understand their applications statistics.

His kind and gentle manner, delightful wit, and insightful analysis will be missed by his many friends and colleagues.


Doug Geddie



Happy New Year 2015

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From all of the team at Geddie Advertising, to all our clients, suppliers and friends, we say thank you for the opportunities we had in 2014 and may 2015 continue to be fun, profitable and productive.