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The Best Camera



What’s the best camera? The one you have with you!

As a photographer, I’m always agonizing about how much camera equipment to carry with me. You want it all, but that’s usually impractical, so there has to be a selection determined by the shoot, the time and the place.

Fortunately the huge improvement in the iPhone over the past five years means that we always have a camera with us. And if you have seen the iPhone commercials, you know that the iPhone can produce some very good photos, and videos, and panoramas. It’s absolutely amazing.

I amazed myself last weekend while riding on the Toronto ferry. There was the skyline of Toronto in all its glory from a vantage point that was perfect. Didn’t have a Nikon with a wide lens, so pulled out the iPhone and voila, an immediate capture of a great image.

It is possible to capture great photos without a bag full of equipment. The place, the lighting and the view are still more important than the equipment you might use to capture the moment.