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Spring on the Golf Course


Once the Master’s Golf Tournament arrives in April, golfers get itchy to start another season of playing. Waiting for the course to open and playing on frigid days are all part of the Canadian golfer’s spring tradition. As the grass grows and the buds appear on the trees, the courses come out of their dormancy and begin to regain their splendour. ┬áThe photo above is #1 at St. Catharines Golf & Country Club. It was taken as the sun peaked over the horizon and began to illuminate the over-cast clouds. This is a lovely photo of a golf course in April, but it will never be printed because the bunker in the foreground is full of foot-prints, taking away from the pristine nature of the course. Golf course photography is what we do – can we do it for you? You can see a full range of our photography at our Geddie Photography website.