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Unique Portraiture


The positioning of the model is paramount to capturing a memorable portrait.

The new trend in portraiture is natural-light, environmental photos. Put the subject into an environment that explains their reason for being.

The photo above was shot by Wayne Riley, a photographer with a new baby in his busy life. It captures your attention because of its uniqueness and differentiates this baby photo from the many others.

We recently had the pleasure of having Niv Shimshon shoot our daughter’s wedding. Niv is a new photographer with a fabulous style and the ability to place his clients into settings that are far more memorable than the old family wedding photos of old. Check out Niv’s new website for samples of his work.

If you have to get new photos for an annual report, a family portrait or any other reason, speak to us. We might have some ideas on how your photos can be more memorable.

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