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Rankings Analysis


Canadian universities are “ranked” by Macleans magazine every year. All the universities that are at the top of the rankings list love it. The ones at the bottom curse it.

Geddie Advertising recently sent a direct mailer to all Canadian universities, offering assistance with their Macleans rankings evaluations. We have Arthur Stephen on staff, and Arthur is the recognized Canadian expert on university rankings. From the day the first university rankings were released in 1991, Arthur Stephen has analyzed and interpreted rankings with productive results. In the early ranking years he was instrumental in convincing Macleans’ editors to make significant changes to their methodology.

Arthur is adept at reviewing rankings over multiple years to help institutions understand where they stand relative to competitors, and more importantly how they might improve their positioning in future years.

Arthur has assisted colleges and universities with rankings analyses in Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. If you’d benefit from a review of your college or university’s positioning, please contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss how this might work for you.

This is just one more service available from Geddie Advertising to assist universities and colleges who are anxious to improve their reputation, identity and image.