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Winter Wonder

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The sun may be shining, but when it’s – 20C with 35 kph winds, the sky and the weather over Lake Ontario looks like a boiling cauldron of trouble.




Golf Course Photography

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Our firm has a unique expertise in golf course photography. That’s unusual. While most photographers specialize in weddings, fashion, food stylings, photojournalism, or portraits, we have developed a specialization in golf course architecture. This comes from many years of playing and studying the game, working with golf course architects, and serving on golf course greens committees. And we’ve been fortunate to travel to some of the best examples of golf course design, from the classics in Scotland to the replicas in North Carolina.

Our golf course photography is based on timing and perseverance. We wait for the best light – – at sunrise or sunset, after a storm, or at times when mostly no one else wants to be out in the middle of your golf course. We take long, slow exposures with a rock solid tripod, we use insanely great cameras and the best lenses to capture huge digital files that contain enormous detail.

We know where to stand to capture the character of a golf hole. We understand the golfer’s perspective. We understand the golf course architect’s dream. It’s all about the essence and personality of a course. We work to show that through photography that will sell and communicate your golf course. We’d be glad to meet with your golf course manager, meet your superintendent and help you capture photos of your course that convey its charm and individualism.



Executive Portraits

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Hospice Portraits (1)
Hospice Portraits


Doug Hunt, Chair of the Board; Margaret Jarrell, Chief Executive Officer; and Dr. Brian Kerley, Medical Director.

All three portraits were shot on location at Hospice Niagara, with two remote speed lights and a Nikon D800 tethered to a MacBook Pro retina.



Aerial Photos

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We’ve done many aerial photos over the years for several clients. I usually fly the plane and bring Dave Walker from Big Sky Aerial Photography along to shoot.

We recently delivered this aerial photo, printed 4 feet by 6 feet to one of our university clients. Think you could use an aerial photo for your business, company or institution? Give us a call.



Seasons Change



12 Mile Creek runs through St. Catharines year round as the water rushes from the DeCew generating station on the edge of the escarpment through to Martindale Pond and eventually Port Dalhousie and Lake Ontario. The waterflow is consistent, but the scenery along the banks varies dramatically with the seasons. Both photos were taken from the abandoned bridge at the foot of St. Paul Crescent below Rodman hall. Both were taken just after sunrise on a weather-heavy morning.




“Baby, It’s Cold Outside!”


DeCew Falls on a very cold winter morning


When it’s this cold, the world takes on new colours. Bundle up and enjoy the outdoor winter beauty.




Amazing Aerial Panoramas



A group of Russian photographers are travelling the world shooting amazing aerial photos from helicopters and then stitching the photos into panoramas.

Their site is called Air Pano and the link is here.

Visit them and click on one of their panoramas. If you have a large monitor this is as much fun as an IMAX movie!




Happy New Year

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    Shorthills Park on New Year’s Day 2013.

Best wishes for 2013 to all of our suppliers and clients and friends. May the New Year bring exciting new opportunities to us all.



Tremont Wood Products

Tremont is a St. Catharines custom cabinet woodshop. The company started creating fine quality custom cabinetry for custom yachts. When the company decided to expand into custom home and business interiors we assisted with the development of a new website and the publishing of a large-format company brochure. In addition to the layout and design of the piece, we also did some of the location photography including this kitchen in a beautiful, new Pelham home.



Niagara’s Majesty


Spent a few mornings watching  the sun rise over Niagara Falls to capture images of the beauty of the Niagara Parks. It’s interesting to see the mist suspended in mid air with no breeze to move it around. Beautiful, tranquil and a little mystical!