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Community Colleges

Working with Doug Hall on a photo shoot at Sheridan College. I’m really impressed by the range of programs in arts and crafts that are available and the incredible talent of the students.

Always great fun working with Doug, an amazing photographer. If only he didn’t have so much gear for me to push around!



Niagara Christian Community of Schools

Niagara Christian Community of Schools is an independent school in Fort Erie, Ontario. To face the future, NCC plans campus renovations, and extensive internet upgrades. Geddie Advertising has been engaged to prepare marketing materials to present the case statement to potential donors.

Our work began with a photo shoot that we undertook with Doug Hall Photography to showcase the school. Initially we helped the school prepare a Case Statement as the cornerstone of a capital campaign.

We’ve also worked with the school to prepare new recruitment materials. With an international applicant pool, it’s important that their materials appeal to students in other cultures, and that the images in the recruitment publications convey the campus quality and character.